.LOTTO was created exclusively for official, state-sanctioned lotteries around the world, creating a global Internet namespace that users can trust for legitimate Lottery gaming and information. By consulting with the World Lottery Association, North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries, The European Lotteries, and other trusted lottery authorities worldwide. .LOTTO has been tailored to ensure that its domains can only be issued to registrants that meet these requirements via a strict verification method.

Exclusivity isn’t the only advantage of .LOTTO however; by utilizing a .LOTTO address, users will instantly know a website is not only authentic and trustworthy, but all about lotto at the domain level!

.LOTTO addresses look great in marketing and collateral materials, and limited availability ensures organizations can secure the most ideal domain name options. Registration will require verification, and approved registrants will be issued a Membership Contact ID and Verification Code which will allow them to register at the participating .LOTTO registrar of their choice.

Registration of .LOTTO web addresses is heavily restricted to lotteries and affiliates that are members of approved standards bodies. Specifically, the WLA, NASPL, EL, ALA, CIBELAE and APLA. Registration is also available to other international lottery associations, pending they meet strict requirements set forth in .LOTTO’s Acceptable Use Policy.

By offering the ideal domain extension for lotteries and creating a trusted space online, we truly believe that With .LOTTO, everybody wins!